Swanson Showhome 

New Zealand's first Lifemark rated Showhome!


Our Swanson Showhome is the pride of the West! With the CBD at its feet, and the Waitakere Ranges at its back, our Showhome is a unique mixture of convenience and natural beauty, and our team have created a place to reflect such a wonderful contrast. Stylised and modern in design, yet assimilating effortlessly into it's green surroundings, Green Homes Auckland have promised much and delivered more. We've focused on the concept of form and function, proving that stylish design can be both practical and stylish. Showcasing the innovations in the marketplace to create a standard that is healthier and more energy efficient - but also designed for people of all walks of life. This is the future of building, where quality and style coexist.


Exceptional building doesn't always have to be exceptionally expensive - have a look through our gallery below to see what we're talking about  

We have incorporated all of our key elements into the Showhome. These include: 

Universal Design: It's not just about designing for one single type of person, but creating inclusive design so that anyone can enjoy the dwelling today and in the future. With increased door and corridor width, elimination of trip hazards, carefully placed switches for ease of use, and clever use of colour, we are leading New Zealand in implementing future-proofing in homes. 

Insulation and Thermal Mass: In any build, this is one of the most important concepts. Our experts provide increased insulation with perimeter edge slabs so that natural heated gained from the sun is retained and utilised. Known as 'thermal mass', we make sure you utilise the suns free energy to the max, creating a warmer, healthier, dryer home while also saving money from heating bills. 

Ventilation: Some modern homes are so airtight they actually create a damper home, where moist air is unable to escape. To counter this, we've utilised simple methods like security latches to create airflow manually, and the new Ventient system from APL Joinery - a trickle vent system that passively allows for continuous air changes - creates a healthier, drier environment in the home. 

Product Choices: All our products that we have chosen are top of the line in their respective fields. This doesn't mean they're the most expensive - it just means they meet our high standards - and then some. We've implemented ethically sourced, incredibly durable timber like Abodo and Weathertex, brought in luxary Belgotex carpets that are Green Tag Certified, and used tiles that are slip resistant from Tilepot - among many other things! 

If you want to learn more about building with Green Homes and building something beautiful - give us a call today on 0800330000 or head over to our contact pageYou can find our Swanson Showhome at 10 Patrick Rice Drive, Lot 7 in Swanson – located just off Crows Road. Look for the Green Homes banners!